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J.K. Medical Consulting, a Minnesota based company, provides end to end consulting services to Health Care facilities. We are an AATB affiliated organization with expertise in Osteobiologics, Plastics, and Overall Health benefits.  Our team specializes in Allograft Services, Cosmetic Aesthetics, as well as Infection Control and Prevention.  JK Medical Consulting will assist and train you on various products, procedures and vendor knowledge.  We also educate your staff on the usage, outcomes and benefits of our products and services.


We Service Minnesota, North & South Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan.


JK Medical's objective is to provide your facility and staff customized and individualized service above and beyond what your current vendors offer.



Our goal with every client here at JK Medical is to better educate and assist in finding the best vendor with the best product at the best price to fulfill your needs effectively, efficiently and with the highest level of integrity possible.


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